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The Art of Datingby Diana-san Author's Note: Re-posting this from my tumblr for fayeharuno-uchiha!A short series written in answer to prompt requests I received for a next-generation Ino-Shika-Chou/Ino Sara pairing.01. "I kinda liked it." She says and my whirlwind of pointless thoughts stops abruptly. "If you liked it so much, maybe I should use it more often? Well, yea, okay, I can think about Mac's cuteness because, I admit it, I am smitten. "I liked it a lot." She adds with emphasis as her eyebrow comes down and this stunning smile takes place. Still, I have to give it a try, she can't be totally immune! That's why she packs lunch so she can eat in her office during her breaks.""That's very kind of you," Inojin replied with a smile."I'm sure your mother would be very happy to see you even if she is working now. ""You really think he would buy you one week's worth to shut your mouth? That mama's boy is gonna be treating us two to dessert tomorrow!

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I didn't mean for it to come out." I try a charming smile slash chuckle, but it really comes out like a snort. So goes Shiloh Sanders’s 50 Shades Of Drake — or 50SOD to fans.The ongoing sub/dom-themed fan fiction series features a lot of sex, a few deaths and many references to Toronto, where most of it is set.The Art of Concealment Shikadai sighed as he stared at the clouds in the sky. Let's just call it a day and go home."Chou Chou ignored him as she pulled on his arm. It must be good if he missed practice."Shikadai grumbled under his breath but he allowed Chou Chou to lead him through the playground to follow their third teammate to wherever he was going. "The two of them continued tailing after the two and watched as Inojin stealthily followed behind Sarada."You would think they would notice us by now," Shikadai muttered."Love doesn't have peripheral vision. This is even better than training," Chou Chou grinned."This is probably not what my mother had in mind for me when she told me to practice the art of concealment," Shikadai muttered.It was a serene afternoon as he laid down on the grassy fields. I thought it was just him going through puberty or something," he responded. "Ugh, you boys and your lack of maturity during these stages. They ended up walking to Boruto's house as they watched Inojin watching Sarada drop off Himawari."Why are we hiding? The two of them stopped as they hid behind a tree near the hospital.

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