Liberal woman dating a conservative christian man

There are grounds for annulment and unfortunately, in the country, infidelity is not one.

If you are from a working class going through annulment is not affordable.

we go astray w/ the notion of our beliefs differ from their beliefs. i mean, if Jesus is at the center of our being, our core, our beliefs then we shouldnt disagree(too strongly) over much of anything other than "i like sushi but he doesnt" or "what is an idol to you dear? if u r saying old testament thinking vs new testament thinking then i can see some of what u r saying but again, w/ some education/study u'd both see the common ground and no need for small diff's to overwhelm yer rel'shp. maybe i didnt get the gist of what u were trying to say as ur post was alittle short. yet in short, if u r both in christ then there should be harmony not animosity/resentment brewing/growing.

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he real lesson of the recent terrorist attacks in the UK is not that all open Western societies are frighteningly vulnerable.

It is not that our homegrown terrorists have finally realized that low-tech attacks using vehicles and knives are easy to carry out and hard to prevent.

How do I not let his opinion affect my self-esteem, and make me feel like a bad person because my beliefs are not the same as his?

." this is where most if not all christians go wrong.

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