Isyncr not updating play count

Note that the Amazon Folder is not a full path; it’s the “partial path” of the folder under your storage drive(s) where i Syncr should scan for music to upload.For example, if your Android’s storage root is at “/mnt/sdcard” and your MP3s are in “/mnt/sdcard/amazonmp3”, then you should set this to “amazonmp3” because the app will append “amazonmp3” to “/mnt/sdcard” to determine the full path of files/folders to scan.Samsung devices running Android 6.0 have a new feature that we've noticed is causing problems with recording play counts using i Syncr.

However, you might want to tweak the defaults on you the server side, so here are those options too!

i Syncr has the ability to sync music downloaded to your Android device back to i Tunes. To help get you started with reverse syncing back to i Tunes, we've created the following tutorial.

i Syncr is not designed to recreate your entire i Tunes library.

i Syncr is not intended to be an i Tunes library recovery application.

i Syncr is intended to sync i Tunes to Android to maintain your i Tunes library from Android.

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