Intermezzo dating site

Think old-fashioned in-person matchmaking, or, for anyone with a smartphone, online matchmaking site Tinder!

This recent Blind Date with a Book display at a local Barnes & Noble stopped us in our tracks for being fun, creative and thinking outside the box.

Ever since, I can’t seem to get over the compulsion to take lots of photos, whether it be of the town’s majestic Duomo, a cup of coffee, or exactly the same view along the hike I’ve been doing most mornings.

It also has some interesting applications for fashion retailers. The store is your trusted matchmaker, selecting items that you would like and packaging them by theme and selling consumers on each one’s attributes, just like a dating site.

Barnes & Noble covered books in plain brown wrapping, then “sold” customers on a date with each book by positioning themselves as the trusted expert.

Orvieto is split in two - an old town perched on a cliff of volcanic rock which is accessible by car or funicular, and the not as pleasant ‘new’ Orvieto down below, where the train station is. I try and get up early each morning to do the Anello della Rupe, or Ring of the Rock, an invigorating hiking trail which takes you around the entire town.

There are some interesting sights along the way, such as the 16th century Chiesa del Crocefisso del Tufo, a tiny chapel carved into the rock.

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