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That a 7-time Grammy winner and multi-platinum singer is a fool to date a diamond teeth-wearing, tattooed rapper.

Geosocial-networking apps like Grindr have been used increasingly among men who have sex with men (MSM) to meet anonymous partners.Could this all be a part of his act, or is it Young Thug openly letting us know he’s bisexual? Young Thug doesn’t throw it right in our face that he likes “boy pussy,” and never came out of the closet calling himself gay. The line “broke up with my homie cause I fuck all his sisters,” could go both ways — shoot he could even be talking about ending a friendship, but with his antics that just can’t be the case. Now the question is, will Rap fans embrace an openly gay or bisexual Rap artist? Personally, when I listen to music I could care less about the sexuality of an artist. In a couple’s interview alongside his beautiful fiancée, Jerrika Karlae with VFILES as part of their TMI segment, he revealed that he and Karlae did not have sex for the first six months of their relationship. However, it was not because of reasons many would expect, like celibacy.

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