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to create Britain’s first “prostitution-free zone”. The new orders mean that any sex workers or curb crawlers caught around the impoverished Hessle Road area – where 70 women are known to work – can be arrested and forced to appear in court.

City Councillor Daren Hale said one of the reasons the zone was created was to give “a positive view of Hull”, the 2017 UK City of Culture.

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Sex workers, activists, residents and even Councillor Hale have said the moves will simply create a red light district in another area.And despite pledges of a multi-agency harm reduction approach that will run alongside the injunction, the city’s only sex worker outreach charity was “disappointed” local authorities had failed to inform them the new measures had been approved.Sam (not her real name) was offering sex at the side of Hessle Road late on Friday night.“People have been doing it for years and years round here, and they’ve never done nowt about it.Now the City of Culture’s here and that’s it, they want to stop it. There’s the support there to get off them, but it’s a long process – most of them aren’t going to do it.

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